Historical Overview of North Dakota Plates

The Beginning

Explore the journey of North Dakota's license plates, starting from the earliest license plates, which were simple, standardized formats to the unique designs of today.

Major Milestones

Discover the major milestones in the history of North Dakota license plates, including the significant changes in designs, materials used, and legislation that have shaped the look and feel of our license plates over the decades.

Changes Over the Years

  • 1910s - 1920s: Initial designs and formats
  • 1930s - 1950s: Transition towards unique state-specific symbols
  • 1960s - Present: Modernization and introduction of personalized plates

Today's License Plates

Take a look at the current state of North Dakota license plates, from the standard plates to the options for customization, and how they embody the spirit and culture of North Dakota.

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